Suitable OTEC site in East Africa, photo by Linus Hammar

Our mission

For mankind as a whole, and in many respects, the world is becoming a better place each year. In both rich and poor countries, the standard of living has improved steadily for a very long time. This progress has a serious drawback, the negative effects on Earth’s climate. It is clear that the only way we can live sustainably is by consuming much less. However, this is not enough: there is an undeniable need for new energy sources.

As the world’s population grows, many countries will also face more severe shortages of food and of fresh, disease-free water. Most developing countries are situated in tropical regions and are therefore hit hard by increasing tropical storms and similar weather-based disasters, adding to these problems.

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) technology has been proven to be an ideal candidate for addressing and resolving all of these problems for small island developing states (SIDS), and in summer 2014 the EU set aside €72 million for constructing OTEC plants outside Martinique. Built on a much larger scale, OTEC can, as the only technology known to humanity, supply the world with its total energy and fresh water needs, increase seafood production many times over, and cooling off parts of the sea surface when they become too hot – all this without any atmospheric emissions when installed.

The mission of the non-profit organization OTEC Africa is to inform politicians, scientists, and industry people all over the world about the the many positive sides of OTEC, and of the many opportunities OTEC technology now faces. To accomplish this, OTEC Africa tries to connect groups of people via meetings and writings, such as the OTEC Africa international conference 2013 and and the anthology OTEC Matters, read well over 2,000 times. This web site presents both the technology and the workings of the organization. Thank you for your interest in what we do!

All images are protected by copyright - hover over an image to view its creator. Photo-realistic mockups are mainly by Lockheed-Martin and some figures by Dr. Luis Vega. Photos are mainly by Dr. Linus Hammar. Some photos, figures and the OTEC Africa logo are by OTEC Africa founder Petter Terenius.