Suitable OTEC site in East Africa, photo by Linus Hammar


OTEC Africa aims to inform researchers, politicians, industry people, and the general public about the many benefits of OTEC technology. One way of doing this is to discuss and promote OTEC in media. Over the years, OTEC Africa has published several articles in leading newspapers and online media. On the Debate page, there is a collection of the organization's published articles. published articles.

Another way is to let the OTEC commounity people speak up for themselves. It is difficult for researchers in small research fields get their findings published in traditional academic journals. Hence, we started the OTEC Matters journal, a printed an online journal for anything related to OTEC. The journal's main editor is OTEC Africa founder Petter Dessne, and its technical editor is Lars Golmen of Runde Environmental Center. Read more here.

If you have an idea for the next volume of OTEC Matters, then please contact us via the online contact form. It is not certain when the next volume will appear - it depends to a large extent on the number of papers we accumulate - so please let us know of your interest in getting your OTEC research or work published.